Means freedom; to come and go as our son Noah pleases, and never feel like he is an after-thought. 

Thank you Navy Street! 

Ivana Novak

Maureen Sullivan

“Hello Sandra

Before Heather had her accident, our family enjoyed camping, hiking and going to the beach. It was such a pleasure to feel the stress just fall by the wayside as we walked through the forests and on the beach. Life has taken a different turn but we are grateful to be able to go outside to our beautiful garden and breathe in nature. Two six inch steps proved to be a major barrier until Navy Street Charity donated a ramp!

Thank you so much.

Maureen Sullivan”

Masomma Jafar

Literally an honour to be helped by Navy Street.

Thank you!

Masomma Jafar

Massis Family

“Becoming educated and sharing knowledge with those around us is truly one of the most powerful tools and we are happy that Navy Street Charity sends the message out to the world about the lack of inclusion in various environments.

Thank you Sandra and Navy Street Charity.

The Massis Family”


Lia Nigro

Sandra & Navy Street,

Thank you for the portable wheelchair ramp!, we use it every single day.  Going to any facility is much easier now, even when the facility is not handicap accessible.  The curbs are never an issue anymore, the ramp reaches across at a good incline, not too steep.  We are now able to visit our Grandfather at his home.  Although his front entry has several steps, we use the ramp for the first few, and we are able to lift our daughter up the last step.  This is so much easier than carrying her and her heavy wheelchair up all the stairs.  The portable wheelchair ramp also helps us get the walker out of the van, and get into our own home.  The ramp has helped us become more included in the community!  We are very thankful beyond any words.

Thank you, 

Lia Nigro



“Accessibility to me means that individuals have the ability and resources to be independent, empowered, and limitless in what they can accomplish.  That everyone has equal opportunities and assistance in order to live life to the fullest and overcome barriers.  Thank you Sandra and to Navy Street for the ramp, I am excited to use it, it will be very helpful!”

Victoria Chiapetta


Hi Sandra

First and foremost, thank you for the ramp as it is making my life a little easier.  Finding accessible accommodation is very difficult, and currently I am living in a non accessible unit and the ramp is helping me get up and down stairs.  I really do appreciate your help and thank you once again!

Anthony Aodan



I wanted to thank Navy Street Charity for providing my son with a wheelchair ramp.  This last Christmas was the first time in many years Fabio didn't have to be carried inside his grandparents home on Christmas Eve.  I would like to thank Sandra for this excellent organization and for the many people whom she has made their life much easier. 

Thanks again Sandra and Navy Street. 

God Bless You.

Anna Salituro

City of Vaughan



Hello Sandra,

I just want to say thank you so much for the portable wheelchair ramp. The ramp has proven to be so invaluable to me because of its portability and practicability. There is nothing more satisfying that a gift or a donation that one can use in everyday life. Thank you to you and the Navy Street organization for facilitating a much required necessity.

The compassion and dedication you provide to those in need is “priceless”.

Very grateful,

Angelo Di Filippo


Gary & Karen Mores - 2019 Flood Emergency

Hi Sandra,

We are doing well and the 2019 Flooding is going away! Gary has been using the portable wheelchair ramp and it has been working out well. Gary and I would like to both thank you and your charity, we are so very greatful for the ramp.

Your generosity is amazing.

Thank you!

Gary & Karen Mores


Drew Marshall - Canadian Broadcaster, Host Of The Drew Marshall Show

"As a broadcaster, I've worked with numerous charities over the years. But every once in a while I come across someone who ends up being more than just their charity. Every once in a while I meet the light behind the charity. They usually have their own gravitational pull, their own source of infectious energy and their own internal compass that consistently points them towards the direction of change. These are the qualities that inspire the rest of us, but the rest of us end up being inspired to do far more than just help the charity. Because of this person, we end up being inspired within our own humanity. These types of people are rare and at this time in our world. They seem like unicorns. Hard to believe in. Wait until you meet Sandra Longo. Then you'll believe."

Drew Marshall - Canadian Broadcaster, Host Of The Drew Marshall Show


Thank you so much Sandra for understanding my situation and giving me so much hope to move on in life with a positive attitude. I feel vey blessed that people like you are in this world who could bring positive changes in so many needful lives. I really appreciate all of your help and guidance.

Please keep up the good work and people like me could only pray for you. And I always ask for prayers. Stay blessed.

Yasmeen Mukhtiar


Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt - #1 International Speaker, TEDx, Author, Decorated Athlete, Oprah Magazine

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt - #1 International Speaker, TEDx, Author, Decorated Athlete, Oprah Magazine

This incredible organization Navy Street Charity and Sandra Longo really understand the plight of people with disabilities living independently and actively yet still having great Accessibility gaps.  Within an hour of my story, they were jumping to my rescue! The Sandra Longo is a true difference maker who authentically cares in the legacy of her mom.

Tracy Schmitt