Friends, we had a great lineup of guests for our Mother’s Day Special this week.  Kicking off the show we talked currency with Canaccord GenuityHead of Currency, Foreign Exchange and Treasury Jeff Blanco.  We then turned our attention to Matt Ramsey, Canaccord Genuity Technology Analyst to talk Artificial Intelligence and the latest in graphic processing technology (GPUs).  From this point on the ladies led the way.  We had 3 dynamic business women, entrepreneurs and leaders talk to us about opportunities and challenges of starting up a business/charity and the lessons that they’ve learned along the way.   The guests included Melissa Sariffodeen, Co-Founder and CEO Ladies Learning Code, Tracey Bochner, Co-Founder and President, Paradigm Public Relations and Sandra Longo, Founder of Navy Street Charity.  We ended the show talking about taking care of Mom and seniors living with Canaccord Genuity’s REIT analyst, Jenny Ma.


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